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 Stop the sugar going in, let your inner sweetness out

Fat in, Sugar out

Sugar is poison, follow these easy steps to overcome sugar addiction

Heart Keto

Heart Keto introducing freshly prepared and baked sugar-free, gluten-free, keto-friendly goods. operating under the supervision of Neamat Mowafy, physician, health educator, and experienced keto and intermittent fasting lifestyle.

heart keto understands the impact of a healthy lifestyle on people's lives, helping customers achieving their dietary and lifestyle goals.


Obesity is not a disease


Obesity is symptoms of a diseased body, it is your body language telling you something is wrong

How it works

Choose from menu

Freshly Prepared 

Delivery or Pick-up

Order any of our healthy keto friendly dishes that are ready to serve and enjoy!

Variety of snacks, salads, breads and desserts!

Choose freshly prepared items from the shop section. Variety of fresh salads, snacks, bread and desserts.

When your order is received, I will prepare it with fresh ingredients at my on-site kitchen. All of our dishes are made onsite, and all products are sourced for the perfect keto friendly dish to help you on your keto journey.

Your order can be delivered or picked up in the GTA area.

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